Sydneysiders -


Sydneysider's Restaurant will be open 6 days a week for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Closed Wednesdays.


With an emphasis on high quality, locally sourced were possible and well executed dishes and service.


Here at Sydneysider's we are calling it - Funky Camden dining!

Sydneysider's Restaurant has a passion towards sourcing the freshest and highest quality ingredients for our diners to enjoy, whilst bringing elements of the food and beverage scene that Melbourne is renowned for to the local area of Camden.


By respecting the seasonality of the ingredients used, we are able to focus on each ingredient at its peak. This allows us to prepare food simply, letting the quality and vibrant flavour of each ingredient shine.

Ph: 0444 565 315 or 0433 899 433

Email: Bookings@sydneysidersrestaurants.com.au

190a Argyle Street, Camden 2570


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